Our Staff

Nick Geniale

Nick started his career in animal health when he was only ten years old by volunteering at various shelters. While his college major was originally computers and graphic design, Nick is a 2010 graduate in Veterinary Technology. He has worked in numerous veterinary hospitals, advancing his career from kennel tech to Veterinary Technician and most recently to Practice Manager. He joined our team at Argyle Animal Clinic in 2015, but he’s such an integral part of our practice it seems like he’s been here much longer.

Originally from New York, Nick grew up and went to college in Louisville, KY. It was here that he found his passion for rescuing and rehabilitating animals that no one wants. Nick founded Recovery Rescues with Teresa Hill, where together they own and manage over 30 exotic animals, providing free educational and meet-the-animal events to schools, nursing homes and scout troops. They also work with the Wildlife Rescue Coalition and the Florida Wildlife Commission to Rehab, Recover, and Rehome.

Nick believes that “life is what you make of it”, and he definitely makes the most of it. His commitment to serving you and your pets is exemplified by his skill, compassion and exceptional customer service. His eagerness for continuous learning will enable him to achieve his goals of career growth and travelling with his family. He believes that “through God all things are possible” and epitomizes doing well by doing right.

Nick works exceptionally hard both at the clinic and on his own time. Please be sure to let Nick know that you appreciate him as much as we do!

Teresa “Reeci” Hill

Reeci has been working in veterinary hospitals since she was fourteen. She’s advanced her career from kennel tech to veterinary technician, rehabilitator and educator. She is a 2011 graduate cum laude in Veterinary Technology and a certified Class 3 wildlife handler. While her formal training and skills began with dogs and cats, she is passionate about exotic animal health and husbandry and hopes to someday own her own zoo!

Reeci has extensive experience working with various animals, especially exotic species including reptiles, birds, wildlife and wolves. As a behavior specialist at a wolf sanctuary, Reeci was responsible for assessing the personalities of these wild canines to determine their safety and sociability. Her acuity enhances her ability to understand all animal behavior, which is why she’s so good with your pets!

When asked what she does in her free time Reeci wondered, “What’s that?”
Since a teenager, Reeci continues to spend a significant amount of her personal time volunteering. While in college, Reeci volunteered her time for 5 years at wildlife rehabilitation facility. Currently, she provides free educational and meet-the-animal events to schools, nursing homes and scout troops. She also works with the Wildlife Rescue Coalition and the Florida Wildlife Commission to rescue and rehome large lizards, snakes and Class 3 wildlife.

We are thrilled to have Reeci as part of our team for the past several years and many, many more. She is not only a talented, compassionate Veterinary Nurse but an ambassador for Argyle Animal Clinic. You’ll often find posts by Reeci on our Facebook and she spearheads our Telemedicine for clients.

Please join us in thanking Reeci on a regular basis for her dedication, hard work and exceptional care!

Tonya Castillo

Tonya joined Argyle Animal Clinic in October 2017 as a veterinary assistant with extensive experience working with animals. A Jacksonville native, she grew up raising a variety of animals including raccoons, kittens, horses, livestock, and farm animals. She has experience working with the care, maintenance and training of horses, as a kennel tech and an animal care specialist.

Tonya currently owns 4 cats, 2 snakes, 1 spoiled pygmy goat, and a raccoon kit. She has travelled all over the world rocking the gypsy lifestyle, loves to cook and is passionate about her family, her critters, helping people and giving back. Tonya is also a consummate volunteer, serving others on her own time in homeless shelters, with Gateway Community Services and working with Nick & Reeci at Recovery Rescue bringing animals and smiles into retirement homes 😊 Tonya would like to skydive one day, own her own farm and continue to live every day to its’ fullest.

We are excited to have Tonya part of the team. Please let her know you are too!