National Mutt Day: Adopt a Mutt Today!

Deciding between a mixed breed and a purebred dog is a pet parent’s age-old dilemma.

Don’t let the word scare you, a mutt is simply a dog with parents of different breeds. Obviously two Dalmatian dogs will only produce more Dalmatians, however once you introduce one or more additional breeds, things get a little more interesting.

A purebred Dalmatian and purebred Boxer will produce a Dalmatian/Boxer cross, even if both mom and dad are Dalmatian/Boxer crosses, their offspring will still technically be considered crossbred dogs because there are still just two breeds in their genes. Now, if mom was a Dalmatian/Boxer cross and dad was a Boxer/Poodle, their offspring will be mixed breed pups, or mutts.

Most often mixed breed dogs will have three or even four different breeds within their genetic makeup, and that jumble makes it impossible to truly know which breeds are in your mutt without a DNA test. The mixture of breeds also makes it a toss-up of what breed characteristics and instincts will dominate others. They can inherit all the best or worst traits of their parents, so if you want to be sure of your mutt’s temperament, it’s better to adopt an adult dog.

Mutts may even have conflicting genes. One gene might be friendliness, the other might be shyness, and only time will which of those will prevail in your dog’s personality. There are also benefits to this large jumble of genes inside your mutt’s little body. Mixed breed dogs are less like to inherit instincts, like herding or digging, normally associated with specific breeds, and if they do, it is to a lesser extent.

So if your dog is part border collie, a breed commonly associated with herding, you don’t have to worry about your mutt trying to reign in all the dogs at the park. He may still have those herding instincts, but the urge won’t be as strong as a purebred border collie, so it can be more easily managed and trained out.

Another benefit to mutts is that they often live longer than purebred dogs, and usually with fewer health problems. Many purebred dogs are afflicted with certain health issues or congenital disorder, that are passed onto the offspring as well. Dogs of two or more different breeds diminish the likelihood of their offspring inheriting a disorder.

There are so many good reasons to adopt a mutt. Mixed breed dogs are just as loving and valuable as purebred dogs. So adopt a mutt today and save a life!