Celebrating Safely: Enjoying the 4th of July with Your Pet

Independence Day is around the corner! We want you to have the best time with your furry best friend, but of course you must do so safely. That’s why we’ve come up with a few tips to keep in mind so that you have a fun, and safe, Fourth of July.

Keep Curious Pets Close to You at All Times

So you’ve taken your dog to the park to enjoy the fireworks up close, and so has everyone else. Keep an eye on your dog at all times, especially in crowded areas. With all the chaos going on, it’s easy to lose sight of your dog, which is why he should always be on a leash while in public.

Keep Your Pet Away from Dangerous Food & Drinks

Resist the urge to let your dog have some of your leftovers. Many popular barbeque foods, like corn on the cob, are actually dangerous for our pets. Even leftover bones can end up as harmful choking hazards for your dog. Advise friends and family not to slip your pet any of their food as well and PLEASE keep the alcohol out of reach.

Nervous Pet? Try an Anxiety Vest

While some pets can handle loud noises, like music, TV, and of course fireworks, others simply cannot. If your pet jumps at any sudden noise, consider buying an anxiety vest to calm his nerves. These vests fit snugly on your pet’s body and apply a gentle pressure – a constant hug to reassure your pet that everything will be ok.

Have proper Identification on Your Pet

If your dog does get spooked by the fireworks or any loud noises, he may try to run away and find a safe place. Make sure your pet has proper ID, whether it’s dog tags with your name and number or a microchip, so that he can easily be identified if you do lose sight of him.

Keep Dangerous Objects out of Reach

Fireworks are full of dangerous chemicals including charcoal, sulfur, and coloring agents that will seriously harm your pet if ingested. Lighter fluid and matches should also be kept far away from your pet.

Know When Your Pet Has Had Enough

Sometimes no amount of calming will help your dog and the best thing is to call it a day. If your dog continues to show any signs of stress, it is best to take him away from that stress-inducing environment. You may not have been ready to leave the festivities but it’s important to recognize when your dog has had enough, and you should take him home. You have to be up early for work the next day anyway.

Watch Fireworks from Inside the House

Fireworks can be just as fun from inside the house! If your dog can’t be outside, there’s nothing that says you can’t celebrate the Fourth indoors. Just pop open the window, let your neighbors do all the work, and enjoy.