Preparing for travel is already stressful as it is. Add the pressure of finding a good kennel, pet sitting service, or boarding service and you may wonder if it’s even worth the trouble. Let Argyle take the burden off you by providing a loving temporary home for your furry friend.

Finding shelter and care for your pet before you leave is not something you want to do last minute. You want to find a place where your pet will receive personal and caring attention. You want to find a place where your pet will still receive medication and treatment if they have health issues. And let’s face it, you want to find a place where the quality of care is great, and the price is affordable.

Often animals may need time to fully acclimate to the boarding environment. For example, cats react to strange environments differently than dogs. Cats prefer as little change in their lives as possible, so do not be alarmed if your pet doesn’t want to run around the facility at first and instead stays in the corner of her cage. Cats are observant creatures and need some time in the beginning to survey the area from the protection of the cage before they decide to venture into the more open areas.

Dogs, however, love to rip and run around the place to get to know a new area. Nevertheless, there are some dogs that will get anxious in this kind of environment; it really depends on your dog’s personality. Whether your dog or cat likes or dislikes the boarding facility, bringing familiar things like their favorite toys and food will help them feel at home.

Boarding services can cause any animal some stress, which can also affect the immune system, eating and digestive habits. We do everything in our power to help make the boarding experience relaxing and enjoyable for our temporary tenants, but there are ways you can help as well. Your pet will become more comfortable in a boarding facility the more often she goes, so utilize pet daycare services so that when you do travel longer, it will not be such a drastic change for her.

Not only will your pet need to adjust to boarding, but he may also need time to adjust to being back home. Outdoor cats should be kept inside at least for a few days after returning home. This gives them some time to feel at home again before they venture back out of the house.

If you have any questions about boarding policies or just want to know more about the care involved, give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.