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Argyle Animal Clinic will microchip your pet for his safety

Your pet is a part of the family, whether it’s a dog or a cat, or even an exotic such as a miniature pig. Regardless of its species, it’s a loved member of your family and you want the best for him at all times. Unfortunately, just like children, pets can sometimes get themselves into dangerous situations. A pet playing in the yard one minute can slip out the gate and get lost before you even realize it.

Every responsible pet owner knows identification tags on the collar are a great way to ensure your friend returns home. But what happens if your pet was not wearing his tags? Or maybe he was being walked with a collar and leash but slipped out of his collar and ran off? Now your pet is ‘naked’ and running around without his identification. Luckily, there is an identification option that is permanent and cannot be slipped out of like a collar can. A microchip is a small rice-sized transponder that can be scanned by a handheld device to provide your contact information quickly and easily to the shelter or rescue that located your pet.

Who has a scanner? Animal shelters, rescues and veterinary clinics have scanners. Many breeders and animal brokers are using them as well to be sure animals have not been stolen for resale.

Does it hurt my pet? A microchip is placed under the skin by using a needle and syringe. It does cause a pinch, just as a routine vaccination would, but no anesthetic or sedation is ever needed.

Is it dangerous? There has been no evidence of microchips causing any diseases or other problems once inserted. The only harm to the pet is the initial injection by the needle which may bleed a tiny bit.

Can I change the info? Absolutely! All info on the microchip can be changed as often as you need to keep your contact information current.

Does my indoor-only pet need a microchip? Even if your pet never goes outside, having a microchip can save his life someday. He may slip out a window or could be rushed out of the home during an emergency such as a fire or storm. Having him microchipped can help get the two of you reunited.

Don’t risk losing a member of your family. Contact the Argyle Animal Clinic to have your cat, dog or other pet microchipped for his safety.

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