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Canine Vaccinations

Canine Vaccinations in Jacksonville

The first step toward pet wellness is ensuring that your dog has regular wellness care appointments with our Jacksonville veterinarian, Dr. Darlene Lundberg Eslick. The most important part of being a responsible pet owner is making sure your pet stays healthy. Your dog will get a nose-to-tail checkup as well as a series of canine vaccinations.

two dogs in Jacksonville with vaccinations

Our Veterinarian in Jacksonville Explains About Dog Vaccinations

Vaccinations are medications that your pet receives that causes your dog's body to create immunity within itself against certain diseases. Beginning when your dog is a puppy, our veterinarian in Jacksonville, Dr. Darlene Lundberg Eslick, will give it a series of vaccinations. These "puppy shots" are designed to build up disease immunity in your dog's body.

By the time your dog is one year old, it has a basic immunity built up. Immunity begins to wear off, though, so dogs need booster vaccines every year, just to keep the immunity strong and viable. Since we recommend having your dog come in for a wellness exam every year, it's convenient that we vaccinate your pet at that time.

The Types of Dog Vaccinations in Jacksonville

How do we know what type of dog vaccines in Jacksonville to give your dog? The medication given to your pet is based on the most common and deadly diseases your dog is likely to encounter. We want to make sure we protect it against the diseases that are the biggest threat to your pet.

The types of dog vaccinations in Jacksonville can be divided into two classes: core and non-core. Core vaccines are those that every dog will receive. Canine distemper is one of the first vaccines administered to puppies. Other core vaccines include rabies, which is required by law, vaccines for parvo and one for canine hepatitis.

Non-core vaccines are those given only to pet that need them. Our decision to administer a non-core vaccine depends on your pet's environment and lifestyle. If your dog is likely to encounter a disease during its normal daily or monthly routine, we'll vaccinate against it. For example, if your dog is boarded in a kennel or if it spends a lot of time around other dogs in a dog park, we'll vaccinate against bordetella, or kennel cough. Dogs who spend time in brushy areas or on land with a lot of trees will need to be vaccinated against Lyme disease, as ticks live in woodsy areas. We will only administer non-core vaccines to your dog after consultation with you and after determining a true need for the vaccine.

Call Our Veterinarian in Jacksonville Today!

At Argyle Animal Clinic, we all love animals and we'll treat your pet like our own. We like to make sure all of our furry patients are safe and immune from dangerous and deadly diseases. If your dog hasn't had its annual wellness exam and vaccinations, call our office today at 904-771-2781 to make an appointment.

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