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Pet Supplies

Making maintenance for your pet so much easier!

Your pet deserves the best diet and health care products available and we provide you with the options.


Diets vary from stage of life to specific medical needs, these diets are not found in local food stores.


  • PVD (Prescription Veterinary Diet) - by prescription only.
  • Pro plan - nonprescription diets for normal growth, adult or seniors.


  • Prescription - by prescription only.
  • Science Diets - a nonprescription for normal growth, adult and seniors. 

Royal Canin:

  • By prescription only

Behavior Modification Products

These products discussed here work best in conjunction with behavioral modification techniques.


D.A.P.: Dog Appeasing Pheromone

This Pheromone is produced by the mother as a way to calm and reassure her young. When provided in the atmosphere of an older dog it helps reduce anxiety and destructive behaviors. The product is provided in a choice of spray, a diffuser or a collar form.



A synthetic copy of a natural feline facial pheromone, this formulation has been proven to reduce or prevent stress and anxiety in our feline pets. It can be used to allay the anxiety of vet visits by spraying inside the carrying container before placing the patient inside. It is available in a spray or plug-in diffuser for home use.

Pet Dental Health Care Products

Dental Health care tooth brush kits

Includes toothpaste (poultry flavored) and multiple toothbrushes for a multi-pet household. Allows the owner to make good contact of the dental product and the patient’s gum.

CET Dental Rinse

This rise still packs a punch with an antimicrobial ingredient that is easily squirted on either side of the gums, yet keeps the owner’s hand more detached from the treatment.

Aqua Dent

For the pet that will not allow you to get near their mouth.  This is a formulation and is mixed up into their drinking water and provides some protection against dental invaders in that way.

Flea and Tick Products

No Pest Control effort is complete without an indoor and outdoor approach.


Flea Busters Powder

A once-a-year environmentally safe product, that is for use inside your home. It will dehydrate anything that walks on your carpets or upholstery without a toxic residue. This product has a manufacturers money back guarantee.

House sprays

For use indoors those generally are once a month product that is a form of a pesticide that is more easily broken down and not accumulated in our environment. Generally should be labeled to get both insects and arachnids. Aquariums should be covered and all pets removed from rooms before its use. The products we offer have a veterinary money back guarantee. 


Yard Sprays

For use outdoors, this type of pesticide is dangerous and generally no pet or child should have contact with the product until it has well dried on the surface unto which it has been sprayed. Best when labeled for both of the insect and arachnids, this product generally will not break down when in contact with sunlight. The products we offer also have a veterinary money back guarantee.

Heart Worm Prevention

Transmitted by a mosquito, a dog must first test negative for this disease and its microfilaria before taking such a medication or risk anaphylactic shock or other costly repercussions. We offer more expensive formulations that are bound up with a flea control or tick preparation, or less expensive ones without flea and tick control in the formulation. We sell 6 packs, 12 packs or single doses for your convenience.

  • Trifexis
  • Revolution
  • Triheart
  • Our selections vary at times. 

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