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The Importance of Vaccinations for Your Pet

Posted on 11-09-2016

Vaccinations are good for pets! At Argyle Animal Clinic, our Jacksonville veterinarian recommends that all of our pet patients get vaccinations. If you're new to pet ownership and are unce...

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Jacksonville Veterinarian for Dogs, Cats, Exotics & More

Posted on 10-21-2016

You can count on quality, caring medical treatment for your exotic pets, as well as dogs and cats, when you visit your versatile Jacksonville veterinarian. Cats and dogs make lovely pets, but...

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Is Your Dog Vaccinated for Distemper?

Posted on 09-07-2016

When most people think about getting dog vaccinations in Jacksonville, they tend to think of the rabies vaccine. And while it's true that vaccinating your dog against rabies is important, ther...

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Moving into a New Home and Finding a New Vet

Posted on 02-24-2016

Changing addresses can put incredible strain on you and your pets. You need to see to a lot of things—pack, prepare or throw away—and you need to do them all before your move. Th...

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Baby Bald Eagle – First Flight

Posted on 02-24-2016

  A recent expedition to a mountain lake in North Carolina left me with a life time memorable experience that I would have to share with all of you. I am new at this as this is my...

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